Project Description

MS-B350 Beam Wash Spot 3in1 Moving Head 17R

  • Beam + wash wall + Lingjing 3-in-1 shaking head lamp, the effect is very rich, very suitable for large stage and nightclub bars, mainstream stage lighting products, cost-effective, but belongs to external products, do not promote rich product lines.
  • Power supply: AC100V – 240 – v
  • Frequency: 50 hz – 60 hz
  • Total power: 450 w
  • Fuse: 10A
  • Ballast: electronic ballast
  • Light source: philips projection bulb
  • Light bulb power: 350W
  • Color temperature: 8500 k
  • Average life span: 2000H (light bulb and reflective cup overall
    package, light efficiency and higher service life)
  • Control signal: international standard DMX512
  • Appearance: high temperature resistant plastic
  • Light body color: black
  • Protection level: IP20
  • Net weight: 26.5KG

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