Project Description

MS-CMB40RGB LED Moving Head Spot Fixtures

  •  Using 40W RGBW four-in-one high brightness LED and SMD (250 led)
  • Double-sided design, one side is high brightness beam effect, the other side is SMD design, stroboscopic section control, rich built-in effect, no longer need to write effects, direct call, can do stroboscopic or dyeing function, the effect is amazing for a variety of purposes, can be applied to various entertainment occasions.
  • The design of light guide pillar is used to make the machine’s beam effect have the function of mixing color, and the beam is very soft, which realizes the mixing color beam.
  • X, Y axis pole-free rotation function, can use the pole-free function to achieve the position adjustment required by the lighting engineer, the pole-free rotation speed is very fast.


  • Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption:289W
  • Light Source: 5x40w RGBW 4in1 LED, 250×0.2w-RGB strobe
  • DMX Channel: 16CH, 21CH,36CH
  • Control Mode: DMX512, Sound, Auto run, Master-slave


  • R:8200 LUX@1M
  • G:15000 LUX@1M
  • B:19000 LUX@1M
  • W:20000 LUX@1M
  • RGBW:56000 LUX@1M

     Strobe Light:

  • Beam angle: beam 8°, strobe 71°
  • X/Y: 360° unlimited
  • Display:  2.4inch TFT display
  • Fuse: F5AL250V
  • Light size: 51.5*18.0*28.2cm
  • Net Weight: 11kg

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