Project Description

MS-CB08 Radio Shape Effect Light

  • Built-in laser lamp + strobe lamp + butterfly Lamp + pattern beam, the effect is very rich. It is very suitable for small occasions (ktv compartments) without more lights, one is enough to produce as many effects as possible from different lamps.
  • Built-in Master/slave,DMX,Sound active with various function.
  • LED display, easy to control.
  • Great for disco, night club, bar, party, moving DJ and concert and so on.
  • DMX chancel: 3CH/23CH
  • Control mode:Sound active, show mode, DMX, Master/slave
  • Voltage: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz.
  • Fuse:F3AL250V.
  • Power consumption:P=76W.
  • Light source:SMD:87*0.2W-RGB 3in1,Derby:2*8W-RGBW 4in1,
    Laser:Red 150mW+Green 50mW,Pattern:6*3W-RGB single color
  • Net weight:5.5kg
  • Light size:54.4*22.9*18.5cm

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